Chad Spector Photography


Chad Spector Photography

Awards —

Some ribbons from grade school field day

2013 Red Bull Illume Finalist


Client List —

National Geographic Society
Red Bull
General Mills
Vortex Optics
Xcel Wetsuits
Jesse James Firearms Unlimited
Grey Ghost Precision
Mystery Ranch
On Board Experiential Marketing
Mrs. Meyers Clean Day
Desert Tech
US Optics
Lalo Tactical
Christensen Arms
First Tactical
Retallack Lodge
Range Helicopters
Elevated Adventure Company
Helikon Tek
Direct Action Gear
Tactical Tailor
Powder Magazine
Ski Magazine
Skiing Magazine
Decline Magazine
Mountain Magazine
SBC Skier Magazine
Backcountry Magazine
Freeskier Magazine
Sniper Magazine
World of Firepower Magazine
Kootenay Mountain Culture
Dallas Morning News
Stoke Lab
Outdoor Sports Guide
Aspen / Snowmass


Simply put, Chad knows what I am looking for as a client and delivers it.
— Nick Como

Not just another photographer in the PNW.  

Self taught during the forced downtime after a series of injuries in 2006, the hobby quickly morphed into the adventure of a lifetime. As an avid skier and mountain biker, it was only natural that I cut my teeth in the action sports / adventure industries. By 2012 I was regularly featured on National Geographic's Adventure Blog and was a finalist in the 2013 Red Bull Illume, the highest praise that genre can bestow. 

Having grown weary of the risk / reward ratio of the photography market in the outdoor industry, I transitioned into more commercial work, eventually putting the pieces in place to co-found TacGas in late 2015. Over the course of 16 months I helped create the premier content creation service in the tactical / firearms industry. From an idea to landing clients such as Mystery Ranch, Raytheon and Vortex Optics, I gained invaluable experience planning multi day location shoots and running large crews in complex environments producing industry defining still images and video, the body of work displayed proudly in the 104 page" Lookbook" I created for the 2017 SHOT Show (Except for that one typo, that will haunt me forever).  

Over the past decade I've forged my skills in some of the most challenging environments on the planet.  My ability to create compelling imagery under pressure in difficult circumstances using mostly natural light is what I would consider to be my trademark. Be it deep in the backcountry in a blizzard, hanging out of a helicopter, or staring down the barrel of a gun during live fire, I have time and again created the images that my clients require. If you think that my skill set can help to solve your content creation demands, I look forward to working with you and your team.